Swan Lake at C-Mine

Designing a lighting specification for a ballet is a complex exercice

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The Ballet School Véronique Lenaers performed the iconic Swan Lake

March 2019 C-Mine, Genk bekijk website

Designing a lighting specification for ballet requires a particularly nuanced approach to choosing fixtures and angles in order to capture the movement and fluidity of the performers and to eloquently convey the complex storytelling of the choreography.

Painting With Light’s Luc Peumans was delighted to deliver a lighting design for the Ballet School Véronique Lenaers as they performed the iconic "Swan Lake" at the C-mine Culltural Centre in Genk as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations in 2019.

Ably assisted by Jeroen Opsteyn as co-designer, Luc brought all his experience and expertise to create an unforgettable show for the performers and audience alike.

Luc Peumans Jeroen Opsteyn

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