Iedereen Beroemd the musical

The film, Iedereen Beroemd has been reinvented

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Foto's: Benjamin L. De Mulder for Judas Theaterproducties

Painting with Light have delivered the lighting, video and set design

2019 Theater Elckerlyc

Nominated for an Oscar in 2000, the film, Iedereen Beroemd (Everybody Famous) has been reinvented by Frank Van Laecke of 40-45 fame and Jelle Cleymans who makes his debut as a composer and lyricist of a musical.

Painting with Light are thrilled to have delivered the lighting, video and set design to this exciting new production which premiered at the Theater Elkerlyck in Antwerp in February 2019.  Painting With Light’s own Luc Peumans is the principal designer ably assisted by Jeroen Opsteyn as Associate LD and Carla Janssens as lead in décor design.

Following the narrative of the original film, director and screenwriter Frank Van Laecke reveals the kitschy, superficial and misleading world of third-rate vocal competitions with a harrowing and cynical exposé without losing the central theme of love as a vehicle for the desperate realisation of the impossible. 

Produced by Judas Theater Productions and boasting a stellar cast, this musical extravaganza will leave Antwerp to tour theatres across Flanders until April 24th so to be sure to get your ticket booked!

Luc Peumans Jeroen Opsteyn

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