40-45, behind the scenes.

Four of the technical partners - Fisheye, Painting with Light, PRG Belgium and WIcreations - are featured in a compelling and candid Behind the Scenes (BTS) movie which has just been released on YouTube.

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This is a 'must-see'!

March 2019 Studio 100 Pop-up theater bekijk website

The long awaited behind the scenes movie of Spektakel-musical 40-45 is finally here. This is a ‘must-see’ for anyone interested in the art of creative technical production. The film gives you a view into the meticulous planning and huge challenges of producing a show this ambitious as well as the innovative solutions and cohesive teamwork that are essential to making it happen. We are so proud to have been able to bring our expertise in lighting & video design to such a stunning production. Hats off to all the parties involved: WIcreations, PRG: Belgium, Fisheye, Frank Van Laeke, Bart Caels from B-Art Production Design and Studio 100! Sit back and watch how the magic is made!

Watch the full movie

Read the full case here

Luc Peumans Jeroen Opsteyn Katleen Selleslagh

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