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The Light Years

Luc Peumans, born in Genk, is the founder of Painting with Light.

Painting with Light Team Luc

As a child, Luc was always obsessed with light and technology, which inspired him to choose his field of study as an 18 year old. Already at university studying Industrial Engineering & Electronics, he gained experience initially as a conventional lighting designer and operator and also as a draughtsman, drawing lighting plans for national and international concerts.

In 1999 Luc founded Painting with Light.

As a passionate and sincere entrepreneur with an expansive imagination, a strong interest in technique and great attention to detail, Luc has been bold and innovative in introducing new developments and technologies to the market.

At Painting with Light, he’s building his own team of creative and technical and mixed-media experts who can succeed in taking on any challenge. This team of specialists is entering new markets such as theatre shows, musicals, revues, television and film productions.

In 2014 the company was nominated for a ‘Knight Of Illumination’ Award for its work on the ground-breaking Music Hall Events’ production of Peter Pan.

As interest in architectural lighting and visuals gains traction, Painting with Light is working on a number of fixed installations in leisure parks and other facilities all over Europe, creating added value for distinctive buildings like the Ghelamco Arena in Ghent and industrial monuments like C-Mine with  its dramatic and imposing mine shafts.

In 2012 Painting With Light won a coveted City People Lighting award - received in Colombia - for its work at C-Mine.

Painting with Light are proud to announce that two projects we worked on in 2018 were nominated for awards.

The lighting design of Luc Peumans for the musical The Bodyguard was shortlisted for the Premios del Teatro Musical, the most prestigious of the Spanish musical awards.

We also contributed to the Dark Ride development, Bazyliszek in Poland.  This exciting project was shortlisted for no less than four of the Park World Excellence Awards 2018 Europe: Family Ride of the Year; Themed Attraction of the Year; Media-Based Attraction of the Year and Best Use of Technology.  In a really competitive category, it won the Family Ride of the Year Award.

Now the team is engaged with a number of interior projects … even water parks have received the  additional layer of ‘visual treatment ’ from this thriving power-house of imagination in Limburg.

In the near future the focus will be on expanding international growth for both temporary and fixed lighting and visual installations.

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