UNIZO topseminar 2019

Painting With Light supplied the full package.


Photos: John Lammertyn

Total event management was the name of the game

December 2019 Gent ICC Visit website

Total event management was the name of the game for Painting with Light at the UNIZO Topseminar in the ICC at Ghent. The event is a coming together of multiple KMO leaders gathering to applaud the ten best writers of business books.
Working alongside the brilliant Brigitte Goderie, we supplied the full package: lighting, audio and video which was a full 14m x 4.m requiring two projectors to cover the enormous surface. Our videomapping skills were used to display a dynamic Unizo logo measuring a full metre in height. We don’t just ‘paint with light’!

Arthur Claesen Céline Cuypers Martijn Smolders Sina Sohn

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