Unidamu Theatre Tour 2017

A universe filled with colour thanks to lighting

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Photos: Luk Monsaert

Lighting design as an essential part of the story

2017 Tour in Belgium


Studio 100’s new youth musical “Unidamu” toured Belgian theatres this year. It tells the story of bullied youngsters who escape a dull and grey reality to Unidamu, the universe of dance and music.

The main challenge was to create two completely different worlds with big contrasts, one representing reality, without music, fun or colour ... and one filled with life, music, dancing, inspiration.



To embody the dull reality setting, a classroom, Lighting Designer Paco Mispelters chose to use standard commercial fluorescent tubes, which emitted an unforgiving and unrelenting practical white light.

For Unidamu, 2m long SGM LED battens were integrated into the set pieces and each fixture’s 52 LED individually videomapped. These tubes, in combination with various moving lights, allowed Paco to transform the set into an explosion of colour, accentuating the upbeat musical song and dance numbers.

Read the whole case here!

Paco Mispelters

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