The Muse of Rubens

3d videomapping en lighting design by Painting with Light

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Photos: Luk Monsaert

The Muse: Helene Fourment

2016 Fakkelteater, Antwerpen Visit website


She sits alone in a room... She savours... And she looks. At herself. To how he has ever painted her. Her first husband and her big love: Peter Paul Rubens. A painting that is meant for her eyes only because the outside world would never understand it.

Judas Theaterproducties wanted to bring the second wife of Rubens back to life with a new musical production. Giving a history lesson was not the objective. Providing a fascinating look at the life of Helene Fourment on the other hand, who was married to the master of painting for 10 years, was. At the age of sixteen, she went for an arranged marriage with the then 53-year-old Rubens. Despite the age difference (which was normal at that time) there was love, pure and exceptional love. With her, Rubens lived a second youth. Helene Fourment was thé inspiration of the world's most famous artist. This musical had to be a balance between humour, seriousness and memories in which the Muse of Rubens talks all about herself and her life. Less is more was the starting point. Qualitative simplicity should empower the piece: no more than two actors (Anne Mie Gils as Helene Fourment and Brent Pannier as guard and servant) and a minimum of attributes.


Director Martin Michel provided us with some reference images and explained his visual ideas per scene. The musical consists of different sets and so we came up with different spheres and mood settings. We created this on one fixed geometric decor, along with set and costume designer Arno Bremers. Of this decor we made 3rd player on the scene by applying and projecting a new d3 video mapping. We used the reference images, masterpieces of Rubens and our own creations to generate video content. Michaël Al-Far designed the various images of the scenes for the D3 video mapping. These images were then modelled in cinema 4D with Aftereffects and Photoshop. Finally, we mapped the images on the structure of the decor and set with a d3 4x2 Pro Server what resulted in realistic depth perception. Katleen Selleslagh programmed the total timeline mapping. Luc Peumans together with Jeroen Opsteyn created the entire lighting design. In all our creations we followed the guidelines in order to obtain qualitative simplicity with a strong appearance.

Pictures by Luk Monsaert


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