Tegen De Sterren Op 2017

Set and lighting design by Painting with Light and Deusjevoo

CATEGORIES Entertainment

Photos: Elke Briers

An original use of lighting solutions that really makes the difference!

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After using the same decor for six years, Belgium’s VTM celebrity imitation show Tegen De Sterren Op​ by Dedsit Productions was in need of a new scenery. They asked Deusjevoo and Painting with Light to come up with a modern, versatile decor that could quickly change atmosphere to keep pace with the rapid succession of sketches and scenes. The challenge was to create something that was flexible and that could handle many different kinds of settings.



First of all, a custom solution with two projection screens (one front and one back) was chosen. The back screen was fixed, but the front screen was able to come down, to allow for a quick change of projected scenery. The other eye-catchers were the videomapped SGM​ LT200 led tubes that were really integrated as a part of the decor and allowed for a quick change of atmosphere using a Christie Pandoras Box Server. This unique and creative way of using innovative lighting solutions in the scenery of a TV show really made all the difference!


Read the whole case here!

Luc Peumans Paco Mispelters Katleen Selleslagh

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