Sky Scream Queue, Holiday Park

Lighting design & installation


Photos: Elke Briers

Our most scary creation ever

spring 2015 Holiday Park, Germany


The Plopsa Group is expanding on an international level. They have and indoor park in the Netherlands and the recently bought Holiday Park in Germany. For the Sky Scream, a sensational new attraction, they wanted the people to pass a haunted house before entering the roller coaster. They asked Painting with Light to create this scary experience.  


Together with Neverland and Face, Painting with Light worked out a plan for all the different animations. Neverland designed the setting, Face did the installation of the sound and Painting with Light designed all the lighting effects and the show control. Because the setting was dark and they only needed very subtle lighting, they used a lot of Gantom lights. These small lights are perfect to hide in the setting.

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Stop animation

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