Schlagerfestival 2017

Extraordinary lighting design and video content.

CATEGORIES Entertainment

Photos: Elke Briers

Out-of-the-box thinking for massive 3 hour show.

2017 Ethias Arena, Hasselt Visit website


For Het Schlagerfestival, a yearly celebration of schlager music, we were asked to provide lighting design and video content to wow the visitors. With a massive 3 hour show, 42 songs needing a totally different look and feel, and less than 3 days in the venue before the first show, we needed to think out-of-the-box!



To achieve the most immersive effect, we chose to apply 3D mapping to a ‘blank’ set in this festival style set-up.

To make the most of the short time on site, we used the d3 studio at our offices in Genk and engaged in extensive visualisation. This allowed us to program the vast majority of the lighting and video in advance in a virtual setting, that could then be imported into the lighting console at the venue.

For more information, please see the interview with Michael Al-Far, Senior Visual Designer and Project Manager for the Schlagerfestival.

Paco Mispelters Michael Al-Far Sina Sohn

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