Panasonic Show at ISE 2017

WOWing the Crowds at ISE 2017 with stunning BlackTrax and video show


Photos: BlackTrax and Panasonic

Panasonic employs our BlackTrax and video content expertise for ISE 2017

February 2016 RAI, Amsterdam Visit website


Painting with Light was commissioned by Panasonic to produce a high-impact multimedia live show for their stand at the 2017 ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) expo at Amsterdam RAI.

Luc Peumans initiated the idea of simultaneous tracking and projecting onto multiple objects – including a live performing illusionist - a mission for which no-one could calculate the potential success rate in the confined and frenetic space of an exhibition booth!

The storyboard included entertaining visual trickery – delivered by illusionist Raphael - whose five minute performance was choreographed to illustrate a number of projection techniques and gags! The concept for the show was that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic!

The aim was to demonstrate the precision, detail and clarity of Panasonic’s newest projectors in a challenging live situation, and illustrate a number of symbiotic technologies working together in a fun and engaging way.



Fourteen Panasonic high-powered projectors were utilized in total. Two Airstage orbs were also integral to the show, fitted with gyroscopic propellers and piloted manually, they had to remain within the projection field and could move and rotate on multiple axes.

A BlackTrax real-time motion tracking system and a d3 media server were spec’d to be at the heart of the control system.

The orbs and the illusionist were fitted with BlackTrax beacons and the associated cameras were positioned on the trussing above the stand. A moving panel made from screen material came into play at different times was also tracked and mapped for the show. This was actually handled by the magician. Due to the tracking, he had the freedom to move the panel about in time and space without it losing the projected video content.

The positional data generated by BlackTrax in following the orbs, the magician and the panel was fed into the d3 and used to map the video content onto three dimensional rigid bodies. These were then projected onto the actual real life physical structures resulting in pinpoint accuracy with the content projection.


Read the whole case here!

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