Clouseau Danst at Sportpaleis

Painting with Light Delivers Stunning Show Design for Clouseau

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Photos: Louise Stickland, and Frank Lambrechts, Picturesk.

Four sold out nights in Antwerps Sportpaleis for Clouseau Danst

2016-2017 Sportpaleis, Antwerp Visit website


Belgian superstar rockers Clouseau ended the year and start 2017 on a high note with a large-scale version of their ‘Clouseau Danst’ tour concept, staged over four sold-out nights in December and January at the 20,000 capacity Antwerps Sportpaleis.

Painting with Light delivered another spectacular show design encompassing lighting, video, stage, set and automation ... plus DMX controlled wristbands worn by the audience each night.

Clouseau stage these blockbusting shows every two years. The last one, in 2014, was ‘Clouseau Centraal’ with the stage running lengthways down the middle of the arena. One of the starting points for the current one was that they wanted an end-on stage.

The other directive from the band – which started in the late 1980s – was that the heartbeat of ‘dance’ should permeate all aspects of the show.

They wanted to create an atmosphere that would engulf and engage the entire room and everyone it. “Basically, we needed to create an immersive clubbing experience in an arena” stated Luc, “and then beyond that, it was left to our collective imaginations to produce technical and production concepts that would stun and amaze!”



When the Painting with Light team received the proposed song running order, Luc and Michael sat down and mood-boarded the entire set, which was also the first time they had taken this approach for a large scale rock spectacular.

They also decided at this point to base the video playback content on graphic material which could be animated to create new and funky effects. To this end, Painting with Light also invested in new Notch software, a platform they had been considering for some time, initially to use as a grading tool for live camera feeds.

It created a succession of graphic special effects that flowed and grooved to the music, a rhythmic animation twist to an already vibrant and diverse array of video graphics.

Extensive use of the d3’s visualisation facilities was made during the work-in-progress period which enabled all – including the band - to see how the ‘live’ integration between graphics and Hans’ IMAG mix would work. Practically, this meant ensuring there were appropriate windows and spaces in the material running across the LED surfaces.

Adding to the already strong connection between band and fans, 20,000 RGB wrist bands were distributed to the audience each night, which were DMX controlled and running through the lighting desk. Luc has been wanting to do this for about 15 years, when it was outrageously expensive, almost impossible to achieve … and way before it had been seen at any show!

Hanging upstage in the roof were five triangular shaped pods, each featuring five trusses clad on three sides in LED and tapering to a triangle shape at the top. Combined with the graphic material, they could either pop out in a real 3D effect or disappear and be absorbed as a backdrop to the stage action.

As the social channels buzzed with positive feedback about the overall gig experience, the mainstream press and media were equally astounded!

“People are used to seeing these large Clouseau extravaganzas every two years” said Luc, “which pressurises all of us on the creative and technical side as well as the band to produce something new, different and genuinely special. This year there was some incredible overall teamwork, everyone thought a bit out-of-the-box and the resulting dynamics helped ensure a truly fantastic audience experience”

Read the whole case here!

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