Niels Destadsbader's intimate tour

Niels offers a more intimate show to his fans

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Painting With Light brings interactivity to the show

May 2019 Tour in Belgium

Painting with Light has been entrusted to create a unique and interactive show for the ever popular Niels Destadsbader.  After setting 2018 on fire, Niels is offering a more intimate experience to his fans in May.  Our team began the project with intensive WYSIWYG programming and is also on operating duties.

So that Niels can take his audience into his reflections on childhood and his journey from his first kiss to his first note, Painting With Light has integrated a Digital Visualiser into the production.  This enables Niels to interact with his fans in a more spontaneous way!  Using his smartphone, Niels projects images of his choice as he talks directly and instantaneously on the big stage screen!  This allows the artist to be in complete control of how the screen images relate to his conversation with his audience, sharing photos and movies from his childhood but also filming the audience to create a live feed!  This transforms each show into a completely unique and personal event, both for Niels and for his audience!

Luc Peumans Jeroen Opsteyn

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