Music Industry Awards 2015

Set, stage, lighting and video design by Painting With Light

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An awards show as it should be, MIA’s 2015

8 January 2015 AED Studios, Lint Visit website


Broadcaster VRT needed a set for their annual Music Industry Award show, one of the most watched music TV shows in the country, and the brief required a complete environmental design incorporating lighting design, set and visuals. Painting With Light could deliver all four disciplines with style and flair.


Together with Deusjevoo, Painting With Light created a setting with a fresh festival vibe. There were eight live acts and 16 awards to be presented, so a smaller main stage for the awards was flanked by two bigger stages for the live acts. There even was a mobile stage for Gabriel Rios’ appearance. The side stages were backed by the eye-catching ‘media cubes’ set design, complete with some very nice visuals. The experience for both the live audience in the studio and those in front of their TVs … was incredible.

Pictures: Elke Briers

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