K3 Vlindershow Tour 2018

Lighting, Video and Set Design for Extensive New Tour

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Making Video and Lighting Work Together Seamlessly

2018 Belgium & the Netherlands


Painting with Light continues its long running creative collaboration with one of the most successful ever Benelux pop bands, K3, who are also one of Europe’s longest running girl-bands – albeit with a completely new line-up from 2016!
The team has designed the lighting, video and set for K3’s extensive 2018 tour, also providing lighting and video programming as well as operators on the road … all adding to the glamour, glitter and excitement of bringing the K3 concept to their young and hugely enthusiastic fanbase.

This year, Luc Peumans and Jeroen Opsteyn oversaw the implementation of a fresh new look and Jeroen is also operating for the shows, while Jos Claesen created new video content which was programmed and is being operated by Katleen Selleslagh.

The tour started with production rehearsals and the first gigs in the Ethias Arena, Hasselt, and has then played multiple shows each weekend - up to two shows a day at three different venues being the standard. So it really is an intense burst of performance activity in a compressed time schedule.




The lighting rig is based on three flown LX trusses – plus a separate front and follow spot truss - and the lighting scheme needed to be adaptable – quickly and efficiently - to work equally well in either arenas or theatres.

PRG is the current lighting supplier, so the hard edged fixtures are 32 of their proprietary Icon Edges, which are joined by 96 x GLP Impression X4 washes and 18 x Impression X4 Bar 20 tilting LED battens, distributed all over the trusses.

Ten lighting pods are attached to the trusses – with heights varying by using different length drop arms – facilitating clusters of lighting, each comprising six wash moving lights and two spots.

Sixteen MAC Viper Performances positioned on all three overheads and the front truss are utilised for front and back key lighting. 

Thirty-six Chauvet SlimPAR 38’s are also prominent on the trusses, rigged on 3-way triangular pods in a configuration that adds extra depth to the performance space.

Three Robe Cyclones are used for a specific moment that requires a wind effect to blow the artists’ hair, which is enhanced with two Chauvet Vesuvios emitting illuminated bursts of fog from side-stage which resembles a CO2 jet. These, together with pyros - including streamers and a swirling fan of confetti – are also triggered by the grandMA2 console running all the lights.

Lighting is often matched to the colours of the video content onscreen, so one challenge was finding the right sets of complimentary hues from the different lights and achieving a good balance between lighting and video, ensuring the two elements work harmoniously.

The video is effectively a digital set, and part of this is an impressive 16 metre wide by 7 metre high - 6 mm LED surface upstage with a central gap for entrances / exits. This is supported by a striking 20 metre wide, 9 metre high show portal, and positioned four metres downstage, fronted in the same LED surface.

These dual layers of video also increase the perspective and depth, together with a set of wide show-stairs clad in 10mm Barco O-lite LED.

The video has enabled some complex visual layers to be developed and applied throughout the show, complete with additional digital trusses and lighting effects which can be scaled and fitted precisely to match the real stage dimensions.

At a glance, it’s near impossible to differentiate these virtual production elements from the optical illusions that they are! Each layer of digital trussing and metalwork can be coloured and treated just as if it were actually there in the venue and part of the rig!

The 2018 tour has just concluded its first leg in Belgium and will re-start in September and run until November in the Netherlands.

Luc Peumans Jos Claesen Jeroen Opsteyn Katleen Selleslagh

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