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Franco Dragone asked Painting with Light for the inauguration of Liège Guillemins

2009 Liège

The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava designed for the city of Liege an impressive train station, accommodating both regular and high speed trains. The new station is a construction of glass, steel and white concrete, and is covered with a giant, 200 meters wide and 35 meters high dome. Construction of the station took eleven years.

"Gare à vous" (the station is yours) is the name of the show that Belgian super-show-directing-house Dragone created for the inauguration. Lots of dancers, horses, flying acts and a special train where all part of the show that begun with crown prince Filip, accompanied by Prime minister Herman Van Rompuy, major Willy Demeyer and architect santiago Calatrava officially opening the station.

More than 400 moving heads were carefully pre-programmed by Paco Mispelters on a mobile wysiwyg system both in our own studio and in the Dragone offices. The entire show was aired live by Belgian National TV station RTBF.

Production: Franco Dragone Entertainment group (
Producer: Fabrice Bollen
Director: Dirk De Cloedt

Lighting & Video supplied by: Procon Event Engineering (
Production Manager: Christian Stenuit

Pictures by Painting with light and (

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