Holiday on Ice, Believe

Set, lighting and video design by Painting with Light

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Photos: Stage Entertainment/Morris Mac Matzen

12th collaboration of Painting with Light and Holiday on Ice

2015-2016 Tour in Germany & France


That Holiday on Ice shows are a huge success proves the number of visitors over the past 72 years. More than 328 million people attended the most visited ice entertainment show in the world. Holiday on Ice ® is the undisputed worldwide leader in live ice entertainment: Each show tours for three or four years through Europe, South America, USA, Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe, bringing millions of fans a unique combination of fantasy and entertainment. The timeless Holiday on Ice shows are accessible to people of all ages. These shows contain highly skilled skating performances, artistic and progressive choreography, passionate music, stunning costumes and spectacular special effects, always looking for innovation.

Olympic and world Ice skating champion Christopher Dean wanted to take the whole concept of ice musicals to a new level of production and presentation with the Holiday on Ice “Believe” show. Believe brings a modern rock version of Romeo and Juliet transformed for the ice where two different worlds come together: The Underworld of Antonio versus the The Upper World of Clarissa. The lower world is dark, threatening, raw and mechanical, whereas the upper world is light and filled with glitter, glamour and fun.If both worlds meet, a forbidden love grows. Upper and lower clash, contrast and unite in the quest for true love.

Living in two separate worlds requires a dynamic and contrast rich approach with a lot of motion and numerous different levels to shape the story. Director and choreographer Christopher Dean wanted to highlight creativity and innovation in a world full of poetry and magic. The show had to entertain the audience through a mix of modern light-and video technique, fascinating choreography and live vocals. Therefore he brings a whole team of creative minds together.


This is already the 12th production of Painting with Light for Holiday on Ice since 2005 Peter Pan on Ice. Luc Peumans imagined the set and production design working alongside his talented team of Paco Mispelters who created the lighting and Michael Al-Far who created the video content.

The innovative production design in combination with sound effects drags the audience into the story thanks to both visual as acoustic performance. For the set design we came up with 2 lifts and multiple platforms. As a result, the performers can easily go along from one world to another. The set design incorporates is a large LED screen supplied by CT technologies. Set construction and automation was commissioned to WiCReations. Paco Mispelters’ starting point for the lighting design was the set, the story of the two worlds and the need to work closely with the video content. Using video as digital scenery enables the mood and action to change dynamically and instantaneously throughout the set. All lighting gear was supplied by Focus Amsterdam. We created depth. The visual imagery and ambience of the upper and lower worlds can be created graphically and in great detail to enhance the audience experience, and also on a large scale so everyone can benefit.

Michael created the content, a process that involved commissioning a concept artist to sketch out the two worlds according to the brief and mood-board. A 3D modeller then translated the 2D sketches into 3D using Cinema 4D and as the scenes started to take shape, Michael started texturing and lighting the material. All video is programmed by Painting with Light’s Katleen Selleslagh on Coolux mediaservers and lighting is programmed on a GrandMA 2 by Arjan Grootenhuis.

Photos by Morris Mac Matzen

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