Heidiland at Hassloch Holiday Park

A new indoor challenge for Painting With Light


Designing both the lighting and the building of seven different zones to capture the essence of the famous characters of Studio 100.

Autumn 2018 Holiday Park, Germany

A company can be completely confident they have the approval of their client when the team is specifically requested for the next project.  The Painting With Light team headed up by Dieter Venderick impressed the project manager at the Plopsa Group, Dieter Deketelaere did exactly that.  Asked to design seven distinct zones in the brand-new Holiday Indoor at the Haßloch Holiday Park, Painting With Light knew they needed to create something unique and special for each zone that would be an equally exciting experience for both adults and children. 

The brief for this challenge was to design the indoor structures and then design a lighting rig that needed to both enhance the hardware while still ticking the reliability and energy efficiency parameters required for a system that would be working every hour, day or night that the park is open. Painting With Light firmly believe in delivering a service that creates a whole experience and triggers an emotional response to what the paying customers see and feel.  Each of the seven zones were to capture the essence of the famous characters of Studio 100 so each one was essentially a completely separate challenge.  CEO and Creative Director, Luc Peumans relished the task to design a look for each zone that would fulfil the brief for both the client and the visitor, young and old.

The little dragon of Tabaluga invites visitors to a breath-taking roller coaster ride through dark caves in the Big Eight of Tabaluga.  The ride cars are designed with a sleigh shaped theme. For those who love the thrill of heights, there is the Giant Toboggan, a huge slide to tempt the most adventurous. At the other end of the scale, the Heidi Playground offers undiscovered excitement for the even the smallest and youngest. 

There is more climbing, crawling and hiding to be found in the Forest of Adventure if young explorers want to overcome the hidden obstacles and reach the summit.  Remaining conscious that this is a very family orientated area of the whole park, Holiday Indoor also includes a giant Ball Pool; thousands of balls equating to hours of fun.

PWL never loses sight of the need to balance the experiences of visitors from the thrill of speed and height and the joy of exploration.  Mia Elves’ Flight takes you into the magical world of Centopia, experiencing a unique journey through the air.  

The Farm Carousel on Heidi and Peter’s Farm is a ride never seen before in mainland Europe.  The WindstarZ from Zamperla, who have been designing rides since 1966, allows riders to control some of the movements of their own ‘wind planes’ with a multitude of hydraulic systems that essentially provides each person the option to make their experience as smooth or as excitingly awesome as they wish.

Painting With Light may be a company that deals with the technicalities and hardware of creating a visual experience but their goal is always to use these skills to generate an emotional and passionate response; this has clearly been achieved at Holiday Indoor.  Going above and beyond is what PWL does, adding that extra special element that raises customer satisfaction from simply good to spectacular.

“I want to thank the Painting With Light team for the work accomplished; we are really pleased with the result!” commented Dieter Deketelaere.  “The cooperation with Dieter Venderick and his team went very smoothly, and the work is really well done. Congratulations!"  

Holiday Indoor will open next season at the start of Summer 2019.

Luc Peumans

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