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3D videomapping, first time in Belgium

2016 Hangar 58, Bokrijk, Belgium Visit website


November 2009 Hangar 58 opened in Bokrijk. The Old City finally got a new destination in Bokrijk thanks to Wim Gommers. Hangar 58 is an event complex. The intention is to allow companies or private clients to hire the city as a high-profile venue for parties or events. With Hangar 58 you can organize parties and events throughout the year. Wim Gommers approached us to create storyboards, video artwork and a library of standard content to be made available to various clients renting the space, with custom material available on request.

The Party of the Entrepreneur, a tribute to entrepreneurship, by Unizo took place in Hangar 58 after The Day of the Entrepreneur. Every year Unizo thanks his entrepreneurs for their audacity and perseverance. The Union of Independent Entrepreneurs promotes and protects the owner's interests by the Government, in the media, public opinion and other social partners. This initiative is thé party for businesspeople of Limburg with an unique combination of networking and attending an event in style. This year they wanted to spoil the entrepeneurs and therefore opted for cooperation with us.


As an extra advantage for Hangar 58 we set a fixed installation for D3 mapping. It is now possible for tenants of Hangar 58 to personalize their event. We created a unique option in the Old City. Whenever you rent the hangar for an event or party you can use available settings such as loops, decors and others. This provides an extra personal and unique touch to your event. The video content itself can be adapted for a minimum cost per event. This creates a decor with added value for parties and events in Hangar 58, a value that augments experience. Guests can view the show through the large glass walls of the modern Hangar 58 in the winter and enjoy the large format show standing outside in de summer evenings.

For The Party of the Entrepreneur we chose the exclusive way. The 3D-mapping to the Hangar 58 reassured the experience, emotion and inspiration, our values. The 3D mapping is a new technology. The installation of this 3D mapping technology is a first one in Belgium. We undertook a full 3D scan of the building's facades before making the multi-million pixel 'map'. After, we started work on the content together with Bart Tauwenberg from New Solid, looking for an entertaining, humorous approach. Luc commissioned Jo Pauly and Michel Stroobants from Visual Solutions to complete the d3 media server programming and projector alignment. We translated our vision to a personalized story for the video content. The story of the entrepreneur: falling, standing up again and continue to grow. Therefore we projected walls that break down and get rebuilt on the buildings for example. But you also saw a firework display to celebrate the power of all entrepreneurs. Having two seperate surfaces offers great possibilities to split the images and tell the story with contrasting and complimentary images.
The projections are fed by two Digital Projection (DP) Titan Quartz 20K magines, which were delivered by FACE (Foundation for Audio-Visual Commerce Engineering) who are basedin Boom, Belgium, and a d3 reseller for Benelux. Both projectors are located inside Hangar 58, one pointing directly at one set of building surfaces and the other firing across at a 45 degree angle.

The initial library shows that Luc and the team have produced feature sections that can easily be customized to include sequences and images specific to a client. Alternatively, completely bespoke artwork can be produced from scratch if required.

Click here to see the full 3D videomapping for the Party of the Entrepreneur of Unizo at Hangar 58 in Borkijk. Curious how the Party of the Entrepreneur itself went? Watch the aftermovie here.

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