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Symbol of Genk Turned Into Custom Lighting Fixture

2018 Genk


The Belgian city of Genk in Limburg recently switched on a fabulous new civic lighting installation called “Genker Ster” (Genk Star).

The permanent "Architainment" lighting installation was the brainchild of Genk Mayor Wim Dries. Ambient lighting has been part of the vibrant and forward-thinking city’s festive experience for the last decade. However, they wanted an eye-catching and invigorating design for the new Stars to make atmospheric impact all year round.

Once the project was green-lighted by the city council, a tender was issued for a concept design and specification which was won by Painting with Light … comprising the 275 stars.


Painting with Light’s piece of light art and concept design was chosen as the most imaginative, fun and practical to achieve all the objectives.

It met all the aesthetic, smart technology, innovative and functional goals. Every pixel of each star contains two LED packages. The first is RGB for a full range of saturated colours and the second is a combination of warm and cold whites and amber … for a comprehensive array of authentic-looking whites.

Every LED pixel in each Star can be individually controlled to display around 270 trillion colours and is sent data via a cloud-based server which is synchronised by the internet clock. Data is sent via a 4G SIM card embedded in the Star, and can be accessed locally or remotely via LedNet, a control platform devised by Alkatech as a potential SmartCity comms protocol.

The resulting ‘Genker Star’ installation comprising the 275 LED stars that enable the community to enjoy the excitement of a unique ‘architainment’ work all year round.

Luc Peumans

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