FIES 2019

A video-mapping solution for the Flanders Investment Economic Summit.


Photos: Céline Cuypers

Painting With Light delivered a holistic experience to engage the audience.

May 2019 Docks Dome

The Docks Dome in Brussels was the dramatic location for the 2019 Flanders Investment Economic Summit on 7th May.

Painting With Light’s brief was to deliver a video-mapping solution for the presentations in addition to the upstage centre screen that was used for IMAG and PowerPoint. The team designed cubic blocks that carried content, seamlessly integrating with the central screen and creating a flexible and versatile solution that was functional, dynamic yet efficient.  A holistic experience that engaged the audience and enhanced the delivery of the event.

Céline Cuypers Jo Segers Peter  Van den Bosch Sina Sohn Tommie Kidjemet

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