Disney's The Little Mermaid 2017

Spectacular Lighting Design for Huge Musical Production

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Bringing the Underwater Wonderland To Life

2017-2018 Flanders Expo, Ghent Visit website


The brief was to create a dramatic lighting design and supply media servers for a large-scale production of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, staged by Marmalade Content at Flanders Expo in Ghent, Belgium.

An underlining theme was to make it properly ‘spectacular’ in both impact and presence, and a performance in which the audience would become fully immersed in the action.


A multi-layered visual approach included bringing an ‘epic’ feel to the stage with a 40 metre wide stage and vast upstage LED screen, all vital to setting the scene.

In the lighting design, Luc wanted to ensure a clear demarcation between the two worlds: above and under water, and he wanted the underwater scenes to be bright and magical – thriving and full of positive energy.

Utilizing a mixture of powerful and precise moving lights positioned across a network of trusses installed in the ceiling, dynamic looks, scenes and effects were created, including heightening the excitement with ‘surface water’ lighting effects – the shimmering, piercing rays seen when actually underwater and staring up at the surface.

To achieve this specific look, 14 x custom lighting pods were designed, each containing seven URC Ledzoom 210 fixtures and four Robe Pointes, which could be used as highly versatile, really BIG lightsources in fixed positions over the stage.

The luminaires could be zoomed out extremely wide or they could be brought right in, producing tight pin-beams. Either way, they worked as excellent above-water sources for the ocean scenes.

Interesting colour and beam combinations enabled Luc to shift the direction of the light going into the water, bending in effect! These pod luminaires also doubled as back-light when needed.

A 40 metre wide water curtain was lit with 72 LED strips on the downstage edge of the stage ... a vehicle of visual trickery that brought the shipwreck scene scarily alive, complete with harsh strobes and thunderous sound FX!


Read the full case here.

Luc Peumans Jochen Kerkhofs

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