Daens, The Musical

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Photos: Luk Monsaert, Luc Peumans

Studio 100 - a leader in top musicals - is doing it once again!

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With a cast of more than 100 actors, a real ballet is organized between the story on the stage and the audience on the moving stands. 

The plateau is meticulously transformed by the light design and the orchestrating stands. The spectators are taken from a station environment, where a real train drives into the theater, to the factory where kids and women are forced to work in unhealthy conditions, into a minuscule setting in which the audience is literally feeling the breath of the actors.

Daens is a production full of emotions about life in the hard weaving factories of Aalst, Belgium, and the priest's displeasure with the French bourgeoisie taking the abuse of the workpeople. 

Through a breathtaking light show, you will be drawn into the story of the priest who gave the working class a voice and this for more than 1.5 hours!

Luc Peumans Arthur Claesen Jeroen Opsteyn Katleen Selleslagh

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