Colouring the Popcorn Revenge.

Eleven areas of the new erratic ride needed imaginative lighting.


Photos: Catherine Chavée

The complexity of detail required was probably the most exacting challenge.

2019 Walibi Belgium Visit website

Hey hey, it’s time to tell you a bit more about the Pop Corn revenge in Walibi Belgium, isn’t it?

Painting With Light, commissioned by Alterface, designed, purchased, installed and delivered the complete lighting package for this erratic ride.  This brought a dynamic ‘crossover’ theatrical-environmental approach to lighting the different ride areas and adding to the atmosphere, fun and animated buzz. Eleven areas in total needed imaginative lighting.  Alterface CEO Benoit Cornet concluded saying: “The importance of lighting a dark ride is often underestimated, yet it's a crucial element to enhance the visitor experience.”


Read the full case here.


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Luc Peumans Céline Cuypers Iiris Rousku Peter  Van den Bosch

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