"Climate Argument" on Canvas

Painting With Light provided lighting design and production.


A broadcast debate on climate change.

January 2019 University of Ghent

In January, Painting with Light provided the lighting design and production for a Canvas broadcast debate on climate change. Held in the prestigious surroundings of the Aula at the University of Gent, the TV, filmmaker and environmental activist Nic Balthazar hosted the “Climate Argument”.  

Supported by expert contributors including Jean-Pascal Van Yperzele (former vice-chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC); Jos Delbeke (former director general for the climate at the European Commission); Jill Peeters (VTM's wife and founder of 'Climate without borders'); Hans Bruyninckx (Director of the European Environment Agency) and VRT journalist Rudi Vranckx, in short video reports, the debate engaged the audience in a lively and stimulating way to show how gigantic the challenges are but how hopeful the possible solutions may be.  

Using the natural ambience of the venue’s stunning architecture, Painting With Light created a delicate lighting design that allowed the cameras to capture the audience without detracting from the video screen and its vital message. This is perhaps the greatest challenge we have to face and now there finally seems to be support for change.  Painting With Light were honoured to do their bit.

Luc Peumans Peter  Van den Bosch

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