Bokrijk Smithy 2016

Humorous sound and lighting installation for "The Magical Smithy"

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Photos: Gelotology, Bokrijk

Het Geluidshuis and Painting with Light bring the Smithy of Bokrijk to Life

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Bokrijk is a domain with monumental heritage, lush nature and infinite ways to relax. The beating heart of the domain is the Open Air Museum, surrounded by bicycle and walking routes and an open air playground for inexhaustible children's entertainment.

In the Open Air Museum, you can experience over 100 historical houses and see how people used to live. The actors let you experience their daily lives and involve you in their occupations. To make the event even more memorable, Bokrijk searched a way to give a new life to the smithy. The workplace of the village blacksmith was housed in a small industrial building that was erected around 1860.

To accomplish this innovative project, Bokrijk chose to work with Het Geluidshuis and Painting with Light.


Together, we developed a humorous sound and lighting installation to bring the "Magical Smithy" alive. From March onwards, you can enjoy the stories of the oven, the anvil and the water tank in 4 stories in this permanent installation. To tell the story of the blacksmith, even when he's not there, you can see the oven, anvil and water tank hard at word. This is how the Open Air Museum brings the smithy to life. Projectors have been fixed to the ceiling of the house and project faces onto the tools themselves. The content was made by New Solid and the producer for Het Geluidshuis was Gelotology.

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