Black to the Future Expo

Lighthouse Installation for Art Expo in Genk

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Fixed installation as a beacon to all

2017 C-Mine, Genk Visit website


To design a memorable and highly visual feature that would attract interest and get people talking … ultimately drawing their attention to ‘Black To The Future’, an exhibition of over 100 works organised by art collective Het Labo and staged at the C-MINE in Genk, Belgium.



The environment is a redeveloped coal mine once the pulse of local industry, now tastefully restored and again serving the community meaningfully … this time around as a cultural centre and a creative hub for media and tech-related companies as well as the LUCA School of Arts.

The Het Labo logo is a lighthouse, so it was a no-brainer for the team! They decided to imagine a ‘real’ lighthouse utilizing a high-powered beam luminaire and one of the two former mine head elevator shafts that still dominate the C-MINE site.

The luminaire was positioned 63 metres up on top of the tallest of the two mine shaft heads, transforming it into a beacon visible from many kilometres away on a clear night! It was programmed to automatically turn on/off overnight

This attracted many people to check out what the ‘lighthouse’ installation represented and what expo was all about! It prompted numerous chats, threads and social media engagements, with the direct goal of increasing visitor footfall to the exhibition.


Read the whole case here!

Luc Peumans Jeroen Opsteyn Wouter  Verhulst

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