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UV Magic Brings Dark Ride To Life

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Painting with Light was commissioned by interactive and media-based attractions specialist Alterface to light the brand new Bazyliszek dark ride which has just opened … and is creating a buzz at the rebranded Legendia theme park in Katowice, Poland.

Alterface, Jora Vision and ETF partnered to create this unique, one-off experience in Poland’s oldest family amusement park, which is wowing visitors of all ages.

Luc capitalized on his extensive theatrical lighting experience to create the emotion and drama needed to help ensure Bazyliszek is a thrilling and unforgettable experience.



Numerous challenges abounded in creating the right atmosphere for each fast-moving scene of the 3 minute mixed-media ride, where multi-mover vehicles glide visitors through five different zones with seven distinctive scenes – one even containing three sub-scenes – and each needing individual lighting.

Bazyliszek being a dark ride, Luc specified a lot of UV fixtures to accentuate the extensive UV painting details completed by Jora Vision, and he added to the depth and spatial elements of the scenes with many ellipsoidals and profiles.

Over 300 Gantom Precision Z spots and floods are scattered around. Three versions are used: blacklight (UV), warm white and RGB. These tiny yet highly effective and efficient LED fixtures are powerful, can be ensconced almost anywhere and have become a Painting with Light installation favourite.

For the most important black light scenes, Luc chose Anolis Divine 60 UVs – a very potent 180 Watt, full LED luminaire that produces super-high UV output levels at a 365nm wavelength, with inbuilt DMX and RDM control. 
They tested many backlight fixtures in the search for an ideal, high-powered product and the Divine proved the best choice. It’s solid and reliable, and the 38 degree beam angle meant only five were needed as one fixture effortlessly illuminates a complete scene. The UV painting team was also delighted with the results.

Once Luc had perfected the UV levels, he added a plethora of wall-mounted set practicals throughout the ride, together with some flame torch and other lighting special effects.

Multiple gobo break-up looks are deployed in all scenes to keep the atmosphere edgy and to reveal flashes and snippets of the buildings and other ride-related objects – leaving the rest to guests’ imaginations!

As Painting with Light undertook the complete design and build of the lighting system, one of the physical challenges was developing the design remotely. Both Alterface and Jora Vision presented very well prepared documentation to assist this process.

This allowed Luc and his team to create a VR model of the ride so he could realistically see how each section appeared.

The VR model gave him real depth and dimensions to work with, as well as a toolbox of lighting instruments to construct mock-ups in the 3D model. From this, he could formulate ideas and make accurate and informed judgements about the best lighting treatments.

Luc Peumans Wouter  Verhulst

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