A minimalist lighting design for ART

A lighting that accents yet doesn’t intrude on the players’ interactions

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Photos: Annemieke Van der Togt

Less is more

2019 Tour in The Netherlands

The minimalist set and lighting design for the award winning play Art by Yasmina Reza was created by Painting With Light’s Director Luc Peumans and designer Jo Segers. Winner of a Laurence Olivier Award for Best Comedy and a Tony Award for Best Play, this classic is being directed by Paula Bangels and produced by MORE Theatre Productions.

The clean and angular black set, complemented by lighting that accents yet doesn’t intrude on the players’ interactions, is the ideal backdrop to the character driven play which explores the concept of friendship through the acquisition of a piece of art with both a comedic and emotional twist.  “When I read the script and watched a brainstorm session with the director and the actors, I knew directly what I wanted," declares Luc.

Art is playing in theatres throughout the region from February through to June and features a star cast of Thijs Römer, Waldemar Torenstra and Frederik Brom.

Luc Peumans Jo Segers

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