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Painting With Light helps VTM saying thank you

2014 The beach of Nieuwpoort


Broadcaster VTM wanted to say thank you to its audience for 25 glorious years. They organized an exclusive event on the beach at Nieuwpoort complete with spectacular fireworks, eye-catching waterscreen projections, gigantic luminous dolls … and many other elements, all of which needed very special lighting.


Painting With Light used numerous Dome Surround Lights to create small candle-like effects across the vast beach area. These are wireless and controllable via a light table and also acted as ‘prompt’ lights for the dancers and actors in the show , creating almost imperceptible  waves of colour changing lights throughout the show. They also programmed the video content appearing on the water screen. A major challenge was the seaside weather conditions!

Pictures: Dutchband, Eva Asdou

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